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Here is my famous flag raising "Cow Manure" (Bovianal Stencheratii) award given in recognition of the half-baked 'public statements' (otherwise known as 'propaganda' when employed by any other country) issued by the glib clowns who stump and stooge for the U.S. gover-media machinery by dreaming up such great comic historical 'one-liners' as:


1. "We had no idea the attack on Pearl Harbor was coming." (1941) rotf1

2. "Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone." (1963) rotf2

3. "Sirhan Sirhan acted alone." (1968) rotf3

4. "We had no idea 9/11 was coming." (2001) rotf4

5. "The (alleged) 9/11 hijackers were (alleged) to be working for that (alleged) criminal mastermind, Osama bin Laden." (2001) rotf5

6. "Saddam Hussein has WMD's!" (2002) rotf6

7. "Just trust us 'cause we say so. Like when we showed you that cheap polaroid snapshot of some dead guy with his face conveniently blown away - and we tell you that he's the real Osama bin Laden, OK?"


To the question of "Will you clowns please tell us how much money it's costing the taxpayers of this country for you to spray billions of cubic meters of unknown materials all across OUR skies DAILY from high flying jet aircraft?" - Their extraordinarily arrogant and pompous response? = 'THUNDEROUS SILENCE!' ....


Why? .... Why does anyone resort to the 5th Amendment?  Laryngitis? I doubt it.


Even the non-scientifically educated shills over at wikipedia are now blatantly spouting off about the pseudo-scientific based notion (which 'the establishment' hopes will eventually become a historical MYTH-BASED, folk legend 'truesy', I'm sure) to the effect that normal jet exhaust 'contrails' HAVE ALWAYS been known to arbitrarily turn themselves into 'CLOUDS' or "WEATHER FRONTS" whenever they get a ' wild hair', OK?


With What? .... More 'Smoke and Mirrors' and 'Hocus-Pocus' Magic, perhaps? ....


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