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  Richard Sez...

The blind leading the blind to worship in the Outhouse of the Lord - forever - Amen!

What can you think of that stinks more than that stellar tribute to moral turpitude historically ascribed to in vivid detail as one or another of the various and sundry 'Great Inquisitions' - Ad maiorem Dei gloriam ("for the greater glory of God")? .... Do you understand that this travesty lasted for SIX HUNDRED YEARS between the episcopal Inquisition starting in 1184 AD through the legal cessation of the Spanish Inquisition in 1834 AD!
Did you know that the 'Clowns-In-Charge' allowed the religious fanaticsof the day to run amok for that long? .... Ask yourself the really important question .... Who enjoyed this insanity so much that they allowed it to continue, unabated, for some 600 years? ............ GOD? .... The S&M crowd? .... The Duke of Earl? .... Somebody tell me, EH? .... Because I think that six hundred years worth of pure lunacy based on patent sadistic depravity should NOT just be allowed to be swept under some Holy Rug and forgotten, OK?
Please note, however, that in all of nature - ONLY human beings can be so frigging cruel to their own species, OK? .... We're the only animals who insist on claiming that we're 'highly civilized' and then turn right around and prove that we couldn't be any more wrongif we tried.... Day in - Day out ...


At no other time in the history of human existence has thecreative ingenuity of man gone to such great lengths to prove that he is the most selfish, greedy, ignorant and perverted animal to have ever walked the face of the Earth. Imagine what kind of lunatics, masochists, sadists, insane zealots and religious morons jumped on 'The Holy Glory Wagon' solely in order to make a few bucks and/or have a little fun torturing innocent people with red hot pokers! The fact that the Inquisition funded itself from the property it confiscated meant that in effect it burned people alive on commission! Individual inquisitors also funded themselves, acquiring great wealth during their careers. Many inquisitors were known to have fabricated evidence in order to extort money from their victims, but even when discovered they received NO PUNISHMENT! Does that sound anything like the 'Great 2008 Bank Bailout'? Similarly, their staff of helpers, called familiars, were free to commit crimes without fear of punishment by any of the secular courts. After 1518 this was formalized. Familiars enjoyed immunity from prosecution similar to the benefits of clergy and as afforded by modern diplomatic immunity pacts. This provided another cause of popular scandal, along with their exemption from taxation!!


The activities of the inquisitors were resented by all sections of society, though amazingly enough the lunacy was TOLERATED FOR 600 YEARS! The incredible 'geniuses' responsible for 'the papacy' (not a street name for a pap smear - but the job of being a Pope - the front man for the corporation of the Catholic Church) was obliged to interfere from time to time, although, for the most part, the local inquisitors were powerful enough to ignore the holy whining from Rome. An example that pretty much went by the wayside was offered up by Pope Sixtus IV who issued a bull on the 18th April, 1482, furtively lamenting:
".... in Aragon, Valencia, Mallorca and Catalonia the Inquisition has for some time been moved not by zeal for the faith and the salvation of souls, but by lust for wealth, and that many true and faithful Christians, on the testimony of enemies, rivals, slaves and other lower and even less proper persons, have without any legitimate proof been thrust into secular prisons, tortured and condemned as relapsed heretics, deprived of their goods and property and handed over to the secular arm to be executed, to the peril of souls, setting a pernicious example, and causing disgust to many."


Richard Sez.... "Hey!, Did 'ole Pope Sixtus IV' get the freakin' Inquisitors under control, or what? Laughing smiley face For 600 years this crap went on and on and on! .... And we haven't cleaned up our act... yet.


And if you look at how things are today then you'll understand why the banking corporations got bailed out so easily in 2008 - using your future earnings in order to cover the original profits that they squandered like a bunch of two bit crack smokers! ........ Whether in the 1100's 0r the 2000's - It's apparent that if you BUY OFF the clowns who write all the laws - your most outrageous behaviours can all become legal, EH?


And - in 800+ years - what have we learned about dealing with megalomaniacs, deceitful and greedy politicians and all those religious fanatics who continue to amass huge fortunes by preying upon the naivety and ignorance of poor clueless peasants all around the world? ....

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