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Richard    Richard  

        Richard was born and raised in Boston. After high school, lacking sincere independent adult intervention, he made the ridiculous decision to 'volunteer' for service with the U.S. Army. After three years of having entirely too much fun doing stupid, cruel and ugly things to other people in other countries, he realized the error of his ways. He received a couple of pieces of junk and an honorable discharge. He then began to embrace a more spiritually rewarding life.

He since has been employed at various times, sometimes simultaneously, as a heavy equipment operator, welder, painter, payroll/expeditor, carpenter, home handyman, tree faller, retail clerk, brick and rock mason and as a licensed water and waste water management specialist. He has worked as a public school substitute teacher. He has served as a Scoutmaster. He has sold industrial chemicals, cemetery property, life insurance and real estate. He once convinced his Mother that she never had any children. His Mother said for him to stick around, she liked to be alone. He has managed a highly acclaimed 300-seat fine dining restaurant, a motor inn, a summer resort, and a large mobile home estate. He has most recently worked as the maintenance foreman for a well known and highly respected horse breeding ranch in northern California.

For more than fifteen years he traveled the country as a singer-guitarist-comic; working with Associated Booking Agency out of Chicago. He has written and recorded regional and national radio and television commercials for a large recording studio/jingle production house on the East Coast. He has entertained in many nightclubs and restaurants in the U.S. and Canada. He has been featured on many regional television and radio shows along the Eastern seaboard as a singer-guitarist and, on occasion, as a guest host.

He has owned a boardwalk eatery, a 70's-style disco and an arts and crafts hobby shop. He is a certified pottery instructor. He has worked professionally as a vocal and voice coach and as a guitar tutor.

Music and pottery have always been his favorites and he has always had his guitar and some clay around somewhere ...

Check out the Ceramics page and Music page if you would like to know more.


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