We are pleased to announce that our very own original storybook character, Little Billy Weaver, has had his first children's adventure/picture story book published in ebook (epub) format and that this 'First Edition' is now available for purchase directly from www.lulu.com. It is also now available at Barnes and Noble (NOOK™) and through your favorite 'iBookstore device (namely the iPad™, iPhone™, and iPod Touch™).... View more information about our latest release direct from the publisher's website here!


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Bookcover - The Adventures of Little Billy Weaver

This is our very first ebook publication. It is the result of a collaborative effort to bring to life a character that we had 'created' while out enjoying one of our regular walks along the stream that meanders near our home in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas of northern California. From his humble beginnings as a vision of some imaginary yet clever and precocious young child, Little Billy Weaver innocently - but humorously - began taking on a life of his own. He provided two creative people with an opportunity to entertain themselves on their long country walks. He soon became a kind of extra member of the family. A lovable little guy that we were able to see and hear along with an entire cast of family characters as they all became more and more a part of our own lives. Soon, their faces, their clothes, their actions, their adventures - all took shape and color under the magic spell of Linda Jean's talented artistry - and now, Little Billy's first adventure is available for children of all ages to enjoy. Written in an easy limerick/rhyming style, this children's picture story book is intended to convey Billy Weaver's learning experiences as a six year old boy growing up, Each adventure ends up with a positive outcome coming as a result of his young and daring-do innocence and the strong, supportive family behind him. There are times, though, when they are capable of overlooking the fact that Billy is quite able to hide his tender age well behind his convincingly older demeanor. His adventures were originally geared for a younger audience. However, we quickly found out that many of those kind people, of all ages, who were so willing to sit still while we read countless revised drafts to them and showed them more illustrations of Little Billy's adventures, had readily become fascinated with, and quite attached to, the easy believability of our stories and the entire cast of characters. They would often call, and still do, asking what 'Billy' and his family were up to these days. They wanted to know what the name of his dog was and what had his uncle done with the errant bicycle that ended up back in the trunk of his car - or - when would his younger sister get to put her first two cents worth of girl talk in, etc. We hope that you will find all his stories equally as real, captivating and entertaining for you and your family as we have found them to be for us - right along with all those wonderful souls who helped guide us as we created them.

Here is a preview of this fun story:

"Billy!, Billy!, come out here quick!
Your Uncle says it's not a trick!
Wherever you are, I know you're not far,
There's a special present for you in his car!"

Then out from the trunk a shiny bike appeared.
All the family, except Billy, laughed and cheered!
The bike was quite tall, and Billy Weaver was small,
He could barely see over the saddle at all!

There was no chance for a getaway.
Not one word could the young boy say!
On the seat he was placed, his helmet was laced,
The beautiful valley below him he faced!



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