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This man's ability to completely immerse himself in a photo project, and focus such boundless energy and creative artistry into it, invariably results with him producing extraordinary photographs!

Artist Information:

BC Winter is an outstanding Canadian photographer/artisan with a variety of extraordinary interests and talents! The Northern Atlantic Coast, being steeped in rich historic lore of days gone by .... the tall ships and bawdy sea chanties .... have always drawn him to the East coast .... The rugged coast offers this extremely talented photographer an abundance of opportunities to capture the eternal struggle forged between sea and shore - and the men and ships who ply the ocean trade routes. His love of nautical lore and wooden ships can best be appreciated in his photographs .... AND .... especially after viewing one of his lovingly crafted, hand-built ship models .... such as this rare and exquisitely articulated one-of-a-kind schooner ....

handcrafted ship model designed and built by BC Winter

                          handcrafted ship model with stained glass sails .... created by BC Winter

Ice Breaker ship docked in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada

                                         Ice Breaker docked in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada

North Atlantic meets the shores of Newfundland

                             The North Atlantic meets the rocky shoreline of Newfoundland, Canada.

Canadian sunrise, Lewisporte, Newfoundland

                                                   Sunrise in Lewisporte, Newfoundland, Canada

His abundant talents allow him to cover a wide range of photographic interests. Landscapes, Weddings, Family and glamour portraits - all are done with a uniquely dynamic presentation and eclectic flair. He has sold many framed panorama prints of skylines, harbor scenes, landscapes and still life's to commercial interests in the business and service industries from coast to coast. Fine hotels and upscale office buildings across Canada and the U.S. proudly display his work.

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meet our special guest artist

... Meet Our Special Guest Artist ...

... Bernie Winter ...

Photographer Extraordinaire

All photographic works on the 'Guest Artist' pages remain the property of BC Winter