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Here is a commercial I wrote for a jewelery store. Hope you like it.
I wrote this song for my wife .... and found out that sometimes words just don't say enough.

Until we are able to put our other content in place, you might like to listen to one of my favorite pieces by Johann Sebastian Bach entitled, "Prelude in C Major" from his compiled works, "The Well Tuned Clavier, Book 1"you can listen to it here

Blackstone and Thille
My best friend, partner and wife, Linda Jean, had never performed on stage as a singer, until after we had met. While attempting to impress her with some of my favorite songs, I was pleasantly surprised at the qualities demonstrated in her voice as she began to sing along with me. After some basic coaching and a lot of practice we both felt comfortable with our new sound and started performing together locally.
Since then we have found the time to do a little performing, booking ourselves as "Blackstone and Thille". We have worked mostly in the pacific northwest coastal region and northern California. We have collaborated on the writing of a number of original songs and we'll post more of them if there is sufficient interest. Let us know what you think. We recorded this song at home with a Yamaha MT-50 four track portable recording deck. I am playing the twelve-string guitar and I also did the added accompaniment played on a small Yamaha electronic keyboard. Here she is singing our original song, "Your Sweet Kiss".

(Sorry - Not available at this time - but it will be soon.)

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