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..Our Privacy Policy..


                        We have no idea why we, or any other internet web site, are compelled to present visitors with a "privacy policy" statement. In the vast majority of cases it should be called the "non-privacy cop-out policy" because somewhere cleverly couched in the fine print, it really says that by visiting that particular site you willingly and voluntarily give up most or all of your rights to common personal privacy - and if you don't agree to give up your privacy - you will be denied, partially or totally, some certain functionalities or access to content on that site. Try to imagine if the manager of your local grocery store stopped you at the front door of his business and demanded to know where you were before you came in to do your shopping, what kind of car you were driving, how long you've owned it, where you get it serviced, your home address, how many people live there and where you planned to go after you were done buying groceries! What would you say to him? .... Really? When a site presents you with a notice that says something like: "Your browser is set to NOT accept cookies. You MUST reset your browser to accept cookies........etc.)", that site is basically saying they don't like the idea that you want to have some privacy, OK? There are certainly some sites with very fancy options that require setting up an individual site account. If you never see a notice about "cookies are disabled in your browser" then you and your computer are pretty much an open book when you go online (or you only go to sites, like ours, that don't really care where you are from). Keep in mind the fact that you have the option to just say "NO" to some or all cookies built into most newer browsers - which would go a long way toward trying to regain some of your privacy - but that process would require some knowledge and extra time and patience like that which is required to read an entire EULA (End User License Agreement), And because most people either don't have the time, or the inclination and/or the attention span required ....... they are leaving themselves open to being taken serious advantage of.

                     Browse our site knowing that we are just happy that you are here - and that we have absolutely no interest in your business or private existence or its details - as long as you are aware of and understand the caveat that for the most part and in most cases, you were tracked to this site by persons and interests unknown, what you do while you are here may very well be tracked by persons and interests unknown and that you will most likely be tracked as soon as you leave here by persons and interests who will most likely remain unknown to you forever because they go to great lengths to successfully hide their online identities and activities. Rest assured in the knowledge that at least it won't be us!

                               We can not, will not and should not be held responsible for any perceived privacy issues or infringements that you may have all ready encountered or may subsequently encounter, past, present or future, in any tangible, real or imagined way, while visiting Art Media Works - simply because we don't want to know about your "privates" and that you have most likely relinquished said rights unwittingly or unknowingly prior to arriving here.

               "Internet Privacy" is as truly a plaintive oxymoron  as "Military Intelligence" and "Honest Government". So, either legislate for change (ROTFLMFAO!) or get accustomed to having no rights or freedoms or privacy at all and get on with life such as your keepers dump it on you.


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