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... My Official Disclaimer ...

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I am NOT a pessimist - I am merely a well-informed optimist! .... I am NOT so much a conspiracy theorist as I might be a bit of a skeptic when it comes down to the apparent mutually beneficial back scratching association between our government, corporations and the mass media. I might also question the validity and justification for such an immense 'military/industrial complex such as alluded to by President Eisenhower! BUT NOT BECAUSE I WANT TO - or that I haven't got something better to do! But because I just keep getting this nagging feeling that 'We, The People!', are being played for perennial fools! I AM NOT the one who makes the foreign and domestic policies that are determining the course of human events on this planet! THAT 'RESPONSIBILITY' is supposed to rest squarely on the shoulders of the person, or persons, who SIGNS HIS NAME on the bottom line!

I want to make it understood that I am solely, and personally, responsible for my own political and moral views - and for all my written content - and that these sentiments, thoughts and conclusions are the direct result of the actions of people who are entrusted with the well-being of this country. The information that I share here should not reflect negatively upon the good name and intentions of Blackstone Arts, Art Media Works - or anyone else - in any way. They are innocent.


Rather, it should rest squarely upon the shoulders of those who have willingly turned the direction and ultimate fate of this country over into the hands of the highest bidders to do so with as they so see fit!


You have every right to believe in anyone or anything you choose. (like the 'Tooth Faerie' for instance) .... We can both believe what we want. It's OK  .... I'm not here to argue or to try to force anyone to change their mind - ONLY the individual can accomplish that profound feat!


Just remember that choosing to ignore the facts will never change those facts .... and that delusions in the form of rose-colored glasses will always be there to help, OK?

I have served my country voluntarily and honorably in the U.S. military and I am a loyal defender of our flag and the U.S. Constitution! BUT I ALSO believe in our Bill of Rights! .... AS WRITTEN! And that is the official end of my disclaimer!

Any further reading, beyond this point, becomes purely discretionary on your part and is provided only for what it is worth to you as a fellow American.


I DO NOT defend, support or condone the actions of any professionally fraudulent, morally bankrupt hypocrite who elects to hide behind MY flag, under false and often grossly maligned pretenses, in order to use a venerated position of national trust to advance his or her own public, private, corporate or secret interests in any way, shape or form!


Any such person, while employed in service to these United States, who is found to be in concert with ANY third party attempting to exercise untoward influence and control over said person's office, or in the due course of events in, or toward the ultimate destiny of, the business of the United States of America, should be found guilty of high crimes and/or treason against the people of this country. (ANY third party or parties should also be unceremoniously expunged without recourse and with extreme prejudice.  All their assests should be confiscated and put under a mattress for the poor and where the 'Federal Reserve' can't get their greedy fingers on it!) In other words, I am all for the long and fruitful existence of the United States of America - BUT ONLY as it is outlined in OUR EXISTING Constitution.


Defending the Constitution of the United States against known aggressors IS NOT THE SAME as being coerced into defending the personal notions of the PEOPLE who make up the current elected body of the government! When any individual, while employed in said government service, is found to believe that they ARE, IN FACT, ABOVE THE GOVERNMENT .... That person needs to be given a very long hiatus in some really quiet place - at their own expense!


THEY are not THE government - WE ARE!... And firing counter-productive employees IS NOT the same as being a traitor, OK?


Elected officials are merely vastly over-compensated PUBLIC SERVANTS, REMEMBER? ...THEY have sworn to, and have accepted the responsibility for, the job of representing US at our convenience! .... THAT DOES NOT GRANT THEM ANY SPECIAL OR SOVEREIGN RIGHTS OR IMMUNITIES! THEIR POSITIONS ARE A PRIVILEGE WE HAVE ASSIGNED TO THEM TEMPORARILY! And they need to uphold, obey and abide by the very same set of laws that people in the street are required to live by!


I have never been, nor will I ever likely be, a member of any organized political party. I'd rather play a mindless game of solo 'checkers' on a cracker barrel, rather than voluntariy participate in what I see as nothing more than a public sham, OK? ....

I have never cast a single vote for any candidate for any office in any election in any precinct in any part of these United States - or any other country for that matter. NOT because I don't want to! I have just never been OFFERED a decent candidate seemingly worthy of my vote! (and all ran before I was of an age to vote, OK?)

I don't believe that this s0-called 'voting' exercise should amount to me being forced to pick between the lesser of two equally bought and paid for political flunkies foisted upon me by a bunch of slick snake oil selling shysters intent on sustaining private agendas that don't necessarily coincide with what I believe to be the best interests of the general population of this country!


               And I really don't make jokes about the people who have an apparent monopoly on high government positions .... NOT that they are the people in overall control, mind you .... They just manage to get themselves elected, or appointed, and then I observe their absurd machinations and report the factoids and drivel that come out in the Main Stream Media - and elsewhere ....


If these people were honest .... IF they had an ounce of integrity .... IF they held themselves accountable for their actions before the American people (which they allegedly are required to do in the first place .... HAHA!) there would be no room for the ranting of even one single conspiracy theorist wing nut whacko fringe loony out there! .... And people like Abraham Lincoln, even way back in 1864, would NOT have felt the need to write a rant about his fears concerning the future of the the United States of America. Read his 1864 rant HERE.

Richard Sez .... "Thank You!"